IMN has been meticulously crafted to be the cutting-edge experience in entertainment workflows, flawlessly weaving Picture and Sound through its internal 10GIG network.

RE-RECORDING MIXING | Two theatrical and broadcast mixing stages equipped with DOLBY ATMOS, complimented by 2K and 4K resolution digital Christie projection. | Stage A – 32’Wx40’Lx21’H, Stage B – 17.5Wx28.5’Lx12’H

ADR | State-of-the-art stage equipped with Source Connect, Skype, ISDN and phone patching enabling a live connection all over the globe for recording VO and ADR. Spacious enough to record large Loop Groups and Walla Groups for broadcast and film. | Stage – 17’Wx24’Lx16’H and MOBILE ADR Systems

FOLEY | Outstanding acoustics, multiple surface pits, an arsenal of props and an insanely creative team of foley artists make the unique nuanced noises that will bring life to any soundtrack.

SOUND DESIGN & EDITORIAL | Post Supervision from production to delivery. Sound Design Room and editorial rooms equipped with Atmos/7.1, ProTools HDX with mixing surfaces.

MUSIC SCORING | Our exquisite stage features an Avid 40 fader Icon with ProTools HDX, secondary music system with Eucon surfaces fitted with Digital Performer, Cuebase, Logic X, Abelton Live and KYMA . An extensive array of microphones, analog compressors, mic pres and EQ’s. A Yamaha C-7 Grand Piano retrofitted with live performance model LX high resolution playback and record system.

PICTURE EDITORIAL | Our editors are here to make sure that the final cut is exactly what it was intended to be. Suites are equipped with Avid ISIS, Media Composer 8, Adobe Premier, Final Cut X and Adobe After Effects suites.

DATA MANAGEMENT | IMN seamlessly bridges production assets through post starting with the raw camera files. We can process dailies and build a distributive viewing system that is secure throughout the workflow in our integrated platform that stores the assets allowing easy access and management at every stage of a project.

DIGITAL INTERMEDIATE | Our world-class colorists will find the perfect vision of the artist onscreen using the most advanced DI tools with DaVinci Resolve 12, with Cuda processing expansion and Red Rocket X accelerator card and control surface. A 65” calibrated Oled monitor. Additionally, Christie 2210 2K DCI compliant projector and a 4220 4K DCI compliant projector. The ability to collaborate with IMN-VFX supervisors ensure a consistent workflow from raw to delivery.

VFX | Creating solutions through talent and technology that craft thrilling visualization from storyboards, design, execution, to supervision and management that tell the story in moving color.